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Super Magnum Stationary Head Mallard Duck Decoys 6pk (M4SMS) by G&H Decoys

4 Drakes, 2 Hens
Manufacturer: G&H Decoys

SUPER Magnum Stationary Head Mallard Duck Decoys (6 Pack)

Model (M4SMS)

by G&H Decoys

Made in the USA!


 The Super Magnum Stationary Head Mallard Duck Decoys (Model M4SMS) by G&H Decoys are a great decoy for Big water!  The M4SMS Super Magnum Stationary Head model includes 4 Drakes, and 2 Hens 

 22" long, 8.5" Wide, 8"High.  Sold Per 6.

G&H Decoys remain a favorite among professional guides because these decoys are tough.   With their exacting raised-feather detail and realistic eyes, these decoys will have you doing a double-take when you see them on the water. Each is authentically hand-painted with natural, long-lasting, non-glare bird colors for exceptional realism that will fool the wariest waterfowl. Plus, the irridescent green coloration of the drake mallard is molded into the plastic for a superior, scuff-resistant look for the life of the decoy.  

 They have blow-molded, high-impact plastic construction for lightweight durability. Keel is designed with tie-offs at both ends. The Front tieoff has built-in hook for quick anchor line adjustment.

Keel weight and counterbalance ensure they will stay righted in the roughest chop.

The M4SMS Super Magnum Oversize Stationary Head Mallards by G&H Decoys are a great value. 

Product Description

Package Qty: 6

 Size: SUPER MAGNUM (22" long)

 Head Type: Stationary Head

 Sex(es): 4 Drakes, 2 Hens

 Position(s): All Rester Heads