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Mallard Full Body Duck Decoys 4pk (M4MFB) by G&H Decoys

2 Drakes, 2 Hens
Manufacturer: G&H Decoys

Mallard Full Body Duck Decoys

With Swivel Heads (4 pack)

Model (M4MFB)

by G&H Decoys

Made in the USA!


G&H Mallard Full Body Duck Decoys

  • Larger size makes them easier to see from the air
  • Fully adjustable swivel heads
  • Very realistic wing and feather detail
On the shore or in the cornfield, these Oversized Mallard Full Body Duck Decoys by G&H Decoys are just the ticket for drawing ducks into shooting range. The swivel heads are fully adjustable from left to right, letting you set them in a wide variety of lifelike positions.
 Molded with realistic feather and wing detail, they're made from tough, high-quality plastic and painted for long life and all-weather use.
These Mallard Full Body decoy heads are molded in metallic green material for permanent color. Custom manufactured in the U.S.A. using domestic flyway body styles.
They have molded high-impact plastic for lightweight durability.
Specially treated surface for maximum paint adhesion and longevity. Authentically hand-painted with natural bird colors for exceptional realism. Non-glare paint.
Raised feather detail and realistic acrylic eyes.
These Oversized Mallard FULL BODY Decoys by G&H Decoys comes with 2 Drakes (1-Preener / 1-Greeter) and 2-Feeder Hens.
Sold per 4 pack.

The Mallard Full Body Decoys 4 pack (M4MFB) by G&H Decoys  are a great decoy. No stakes needed...they stand up beautifully in the wind.

Product Description

Package Qty: 4

 Size: Standard (18" long)

 Head Type: Swivel

 Sex(es): 2-Hens / 2-Drakes

 Position(s): 1-Preener Drake / 1-Greeter Drake / 2-Feeder Hens