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Bigfoot Bull Canada Goose Decoys (BF114488)

**SALE** Normally $155/4pk. ON SALE NOW FOR $134.95/4pk!
Manufacturer: BigFoot Decoys


BigFoot Bull Canada Goose Decoys

Awesome! That's the best way to describe the newest member of the Big Foot family. Meet the Big Foot "Bull"! Every flock has the big old bull gander that is watching over his family, and that inspired the creation of the "Bull".

The "Bull" incorporates everything that has made Big Foot the decoy of choice by serious hunters and guides since its beginning. It's constructed of the same tough polyethylene as all other Big Foots, and also has incredible detail molded into the body.

With its awesome size and incredible detail, this is sure to become the "Bull" of the field. Mix several of these in with your existing decoys to add even more realism to your spread.

The Bull comes in 4 packs with 2 flocked head styles, 2 sentry and 2 relaxed. The Bull is a magnum size 27"L x 31"H x 12"W.

Thanks, Jim

Picture of Bigfoot Bull Canada Goose Decoys 4 pack
Bigfoot Bull Canada Goose Decoys 4 pack
Normally $155/4pk. ON SALE NOW FOR $134.95/4pk!

Includes 2 tall Bull Sentry and 2 Shorter head Bull Sentry

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