Mini SilloGuard Decoy Carrier by Prairiewind Decoys

Protects Sillosock decoys from the mud, wear and tear!
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 Mini-SilloGuard Decoy Carrier 

Holds 5-6dz. Sillosock Decoys

by Prairiewind Decoys


The new Mini-SilloGuard is great for Sillosock Canadas, Mallards, and Specks.

This Mini-SilloGuard protects Sillosock feeder decoys from the mud, wear and tear!

The "SilloGuard" Decoy Carrier is made of durable plastics similar to the Otter sleds.

  • Holds 60 SilloSock feeder decoys
  • Extend the life of your SilloSocks
  • Protects decoys from the mud, wear and tear
  • Keeps the muddy wire stakes outside of the container

The new Mini SilloGuard will hold 5-6 dozen Sillosocks decoys.  Dimensions 24"x 9"x 19"


  Go where the geese are!