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***FREE SHIPPING***MALLARD UPRIGHT SHELL DECOYS 12 Pk (FA474235) by Final Approach Decoys

Normally $150/12pk, ON SALE $109.95/12pk


Field Mallard UPRIGHT Shells - 12 PACK

Model FA474235

By Final Approach Decoys


 These MALLARD Upright SHELL DECOYS 12 Pk  (FA474235) by Final Approach Decoys are game changers!

  • Realistic anatomy unequalled in the industry
  • Extraordinary custom paint scheme
  • Nine unique postures
  • Metal stake included
  • Industry-first injection-molded Dura-Connect™ (patent pending) head-attachment system with lifetime guarantee. Swivels for different positions
  • 12 Pack of Upright: 7 Drakes   5 Hens [474235]

Final Approach® Gunner Field Mallards

With realistic anatomy unequalled in the industry and extraordinary custom paint schemes, you’ll have the edge you need on your hunt. Nine unique postures with swiveling heads add to the realism. The industry-first injection-molded Dura-Connect™ head-attachment system with lifetime guarantee assures you won’t lose the heads when conditions get rough.
 Upright head styles: drake rester, hen upright, hen squawker, hen rester. Metal stakes included. Includes seven Drakes and five Hens. Sold Per 12.
  • Uprights - Dimensions:18.5" x 9"   


These MALLARD Upright SHELL DECOYS 12 Pk  (FA474235) by Final Approach Decoys will help you harvest more ducks.