Central Pacific Flyway Combo 6 packs by Final Approach

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 Central Pacific Flyway Puddle Duck Decoy Combo 6 Pack

    By Final Approach Decoys FA Brand


 The Central Pacific Flyway Combo 6pk Puddle Duck Decoys (FA474331) by Final Approach Decoys includes 2 Pintail, 2 Widgeon, 2 Greenwing Teal.  (3 Hens and 3 Drakes)

Enjoy unmatched realism tailored to your hunting location. These packs have flyway-specific decoys to perfectly match the ducks in your area. Durable, lifelike paint schemes with incredible feather detail will make the wisest late-season drakes cup their wings and sail into the decoys. Flyway packs come with an even number of drakes and hens to mimic breeding pairs.

Central/Pacific Flyway Combo 6 pack Duck Decoys (FA474331) by Final Approach Decoys will help you harvest more game this season!