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Sandhill Crane Decoys (SS1104) by Sillosock Decoys

Sillosocks Harvester pack Sandhill Crane - 4 Sentry, 8 Feeders)
Manufacturer: SilloSock Decoys

Sandhill Crane Decoys 

by Sillosocks Decoys

Harvester Pack(4 Sentry, 8 Feeder)

Model # SS1104


These Sandhill Crane Decoys (SS1104) by Sillosock Decoys are deadly.  These decoys work!

-Cheaper than full-bodied decoys

-More compact

-Fully Flocked neck and head

-Comes with SilloSocks "hook" stake, Fully powder coated stake!

When the bird get down on thier wintering grounds, numbers are the key to success.


Cranes often hang out in large groups and only respond to large decoy spreads. Sillosock decoys are compact and affordable making large spreads possible. Not to mention they move, bounce, and bob with the slightest breeze!

Hunters using these decoys have been shooting limits from Texas to Saskatchewan!


These Sandhill Crane Decoys (SS1104) by Sillosock Decoys come in a Harvester Pack which includes 4 upright, 8 feeders.






Picture of SS1104H Sandhill Crane Harvester Pack
SS1104H Sandhill Crane Harvester Pack
Manufacturer part number: 1104
Availability: 31 in stock
ˆ84.97 (EUR)
Picture of 8dz. Case Price
8dz. Case Price
**SALE** Save $15/dz when you buy the 8 dz. Case.
Manufacturer part number: 1104-8dz
Availability: In stock
ˆ598.40 (EUR)
SS1104BL Replacement Sandhill Bag
Availability: In stock
ˆ3.40 (EUR)
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