**SALE** Juvy Blue Feeder Goose Decoys (SS1517) by Sillosock Decoys

**SALE** NORMALLY $65/dz, NOW $49.95/dz!!
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 Juvy Blue Feeder Goose Decoys


By Sillosock Decoys

These Juvy Blue Goose Feeder Decoys (SS1517) by Sillosock Decoys give you all the performance you love about SilloSocks now offered in Juvenile Blue Goose color phase. 

The artwork on these NEW prints is spectacular! It exactly duplicates the look of a young Blue Phase snow goose.

Add some color and variety to your spread!

We recommend 10-20% Juvy Blues in your rig.

These Feeder Juvy Blue Goose Decoys (SS1517) by Sillosock Decoys will make your rig look more realistic.  

These Feeder Juvy Blues come with 20" hooked stakes which is perfect for most situations.  We do have 24" and 30" hookes stakes available for those who want taller stakes.

Low price guarantee!   We will meet or beat any reasonable advertised price. Simply email us with documentation! Then call.

SS1517 Juvy Blue 1dz.
Limited Quantities Available!
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