Killerweed Boat Blind Kit by Avery Outdoors

In All-Terrain or Willow Cypress
products.manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear

Avery Killerweed Boat Blind Kit

All-Terrain (AV47203)

Willow Cypress (AV47205)

Rot-resistant natural palm fibers are used to create strands of KillerWeed®. Adding these strands to your CamoNet™ adds depth and realism. Try a half hitch when attaching the strands to the net. Fold 20-25 strands in half forming a loop on one end and a loose tail on the other. Slip the loop end under a strand of netting and pull the tail end back through. This will attach the KillerWeed® solidly so that it cannot blow away when traveling and you can still roll the CamoNet™ on the frame easily.