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Fuel the Fire DVD

Great DVD by Habitat Flats
Manufacturer: Habitat Flats

NEW! NEW! NEW! for this year!   Hot off the press!  


            "Fuel the Fire" DVD

Produced by Field Hudnall of Field Proven Calls and Habitat Flats.

This is one of the best duck, goose hunting, and waterfowl management videos, I have ever seen.   You will find yourself watching this DVD over and over!!!  It is that good.  These guys are on the cutting edge of waterfowl management.

Produced by some extremely knowledgeable waterfowl hunters.....Tony Vandemere, Field Hudnall, Ira McCauley, Aaron McCauley, Mark Bloss, and Jim Ronquest of RNT-V.
These guys are hardcore!  They reveal several "tricks of the trade" in hunting late season ducks and geese.

Habitat Flats will show you the secrets they use to manage hundreds of acres of habitat and food sources for ducks and geese.  You will get tips on managing corn, wild moist soil plants, building blinds and placement, pressure management and keeping holes open during freeze up.

You will also see tips on scouting public lakes and rivers, boat placement, and witness some of the finest public water goose hunting ever captured on video.

Fuel The Fire DVD by Habitat Flats is 2.5 hours of hunting and instruction. 

This Fuel the Fire DVD is well worth the money. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Sponsored by Momarsh Boats, Avery Greenhead Gear GHG, Field Proven Calls, Mallard View Outdoors...home of the ice eater deicer.

Delivery is usually within 2-3 days with a tracking number.


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