**SALE** Knockdown Headless Snow Goose Decoys (SS1678) by Sillosocks Decoys

**OVERSTOCK SALE** Normally $65/dz, NOW $39.95/dz!! BEST PRICES IN THE COUNTRY!
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Normally $65/dz, NOW $39.95/dz!!

KNOCKDOWN  Headless Snow Goose Windsock Decoys

by SilloSocks Decoys

These Knockdown Headless Snow Goose Decoys (SS1678) by Sillosocks Decoys are an amazing decoy.

What makes these traditional windsock decoys unique is the lightweight knockdown support system which folds up. This support helps them puff up with only a 1 mph breeze.  This design makes this decoy extremely compact, mobile, and lightweight which is the key to snow goose hunting!!!

This support system can be made permanent if desired.

The 26" fiberglass stakes goes completely thru the decoy so you can tap on it with a rubber mallet in hard/frozen ground. The tan/yellow colored stakes blend much better than traditional black stakes. These fiberglass stakes will not rust or bend like steel stakes.  AND they are a lot lighter to pack around.

 These new space saving windsock decoys have grommeted collars which makes them extremely durable.  They will last for years.

These Knockdown Decoys by Sillosock Decoys are super lightweight... yet strong and durable. The headless decoys weigh only 2 pounds 7 ounces per dz. They fit beautifully into a Sillosock cube bag or a RubberMaid tub.

These Knockdown Headless Snow Goose Decoys (SS1678) by Sillosocks Decoys come with 2 built in drain holes in case it rains.

The artwork and super flat prints are what set these decoys apart from any other decoy on the market.  The feather detail is dead on with the adult snows, juvy snows, and Blues.  

Best of all.......the headless Knockdown decoys come assembled with the stakes on........ready to hunt!

Compare the price and quality of these decoys to anything on the market and you will see thier value.

Thanks,  Jim

P.S.   3-D Sentry Snow Head Kits (SS1715) are now available.   These can be added to any headless decoy. Note: the heads pivot in the wind with the body!  I like about 10% of our rig to be Sentries.  These Kits come with 1dz Sentry heads and all the parts to install them onto the Headless decoys.



**SALE** KnockDown Headless Snow Goose Decoys - 1 dz
**OVERSTOCK SALE** Normally $65/dz, NOW $39.95/dz!! BEST PRICES IN THE COUNTRY!
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$39.95 (USD)