Top Flight Pintail Duck Decoys 6pk (Z8082) by Avian X Decoys Zink Calls

Very limited quantities!
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Top Flight Pintail Duck Decoys

 (Model 8082) - 6 pack

By Avian X Decoys

Avian-X presents their newest series of true, custom-style painted Pintail decoys. If you are looking for the best Pintails on the market, look no further. The incredible realism and paint schemes make these decoys a work of art. Couple that with the advanced rubberized molding material and non-chip paint and you have the best of the best.

The Avian-X Top Flight Pintails are available in 6 packs that include 4 drakes (2 feeders and 2 low-heads) and 2 low-head hens. All Top Flight Series decoys feature the innovative weight-forward swim keel design; simply snap the line through the swim clip creating a natural motion to the decoys, whether in current or in the slightest breeze.

Decoys are slightly over-sized measuring 17" breast to tail. Sold in 6 packs.

These Top Flight Pintail Duck Decoys 6pk (Z8082) by Avian X Decoys Zink Calls will help you harvest more ducks!

“Don’t hunt with any old decoy...hunt with the best!”

Fred Zink, Zink Calls

Pintail Duck Decoy 6pk
Very limited quantities!
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