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20 Foot Extension Cords for Clone Decoys

Comes with male/female ends. 20' sections can be hooked together.
ˆ11.55 (EUR)

Instructional Videos for Clone Decoys

Includes Clone assembly and How to sync a remote to multiple Clones
ˆ0.00 (EUR)

Replacement 8" Flat Two Way Connector for Clone Decoys

Comes with male/female ends.
ˆ4.08 (EUR)

Replacement Clone Decoy Bag for Clone Decoys

NEW Zippered bag with compartments for remotes, extension cords, and stakes!
ˆ16.97 (EUR)

Replacement Motor and Gear Drive Platform for Clone Decoys

This is the NEW Quiet motor and Gear Drive platform mount.
ˆ61.20 (EUR)

Replacement Remote System for Clone Decoys

Replace your old remote system with the latest greatest!
From ˆ20.40 (EUR)

Replacement Two Piece Stand for Clone Decoys

Powder Coated Tan Clone Stand
ˆ12.24 (EUR)

Replacement Wing Set for Clone Decoys

Choose Snow, Speck, Mallard, or Canada
From ˆ16.97 (EUR)

Replacement Wing-Struts for Clone Decoys

NEW improved Wing struts Sold per 2
ˆ4.08 (EUR)

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