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Son of Stalker Assembly Instructions



The first step is to locate the 2 predrilled holes on the top of the plastic Sentry head.

Insert the straight end of the stake in the hole closest to the bill.  Pull the stake all the way down until the end of the "U" on the hooked stake goes into the other hole on the head.

The next step is to insert the head with the stake attached onto the body. Slightly heat the tip of the stake on an open flame and push the stake down through the corrugated body.  The stake and the backbone of the decoy should form a 90 degree angle.  Let the stake cool.   Wrap some electrical tape around the stake where it exits the body.  4 to 5 wraps will do.

Our unique head attachment allows you to rotate the head left and right to any position for hunting.  For storage, your sentry decoy will pack better if the head is straight forward position.

Note:  If you want to paint the top of you stake, do that before you assemble the decoy.


Lay the silhouette feeder head flat on a table.   Determine the correct angle of the stake.  The stake and the backbone of the decoy should make a 90 degree angle.

To install the stake, slightly heat the tip of the stake with a torch, candle, lighter, or stove burner. Insert the stake thru the top of the head and aim for the point where the bill meets the feathers.   You may have to heat the "U" of the hooked stake also.   Pull it into the coroplast head approximately 1/4". 

If you want glue the stake into the coroplast head, Gorilla glue works good.   To do this, back the stake out of the head.....add a few drops of glue onto the stake and reinsert the stake into the head.

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