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Realistic motion, Pocket sized & light weight, Versatile


The patent pending MVN motion decoy system brings natural bird movement to your spread. You can choose from several models to match the motion of living flocks. We provide a fast walking/feeding motion, a slow sentry motion, and a fast-paced mix of the two. This gives you the ability to mix and match these systems and the placement of the motion decoys to ensure that your spread never matches another spread out there, just like real birds.

Light weight and small-

This system was designed by hunters for hunters, so it is extremely light weight. The entire MVN motion decoy system weighs only 8.70 oz with the provided power bank battery. It is also extremely compact at only 2" x 2 1/2" x 4" including the attached power bank. When hauling a 6 pack of hard body decoys into the field, you will hardly even notice the MVN motion decoy system is attached.

Motion system held in hand


One of the best features of the MVN motion decoy system is that it is interchangeable.  The same motion decoys system unit can be installed on your goose decoy, then easily switched to a duck decoy, and then put on a turkey decoy for your spring hunt.  This system is highly configurable to fit on just about any manufacturer's decoys.

The MVN motion decoy system will work with numerous hard body decoys including goose, duck, crane, and turkey decoys that use a stake or stand that is thicker than 1/8 inch. With additional adhesive you can even use them on inflatable decoys. The MVN motion decoy system is designed to fit inside larger full body and shell decoys, thus becoming completely undetectable. For those smaller decoys or those without large enough cavities to hide the motion system, the MVN system is camouflaged to blend into the background.

The MVN motion system will run for hours on a single charge of the battery, and all you have to do at the end of the day is remove the battery and recharge it and you’re ready to go hunting again! Although the MVN motion system is easy to install and switch between decoys, the system can be stored on your stake or stand for ease of use.

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Fast walking- MVN motion decoy system

Feeding or walking motion decoy system
$97.99 (USD)

Slow Sentry- MVN motion decoy system

Dramatic motion moving decoy system
$97.99 (USD)

Fast mix- MVN motion decoy system

Dramatic motion combined with feeding/walking motion decoy system
$97.99 (USD)

MVN Motion Systems- 3 piece multi pack

3 piece multi pack of MVN motion systems, includes each model (Fast Walking, Slow Sentry, and Mix) in a cost saving multi pack (95.00/each)
$285.00 (USD)

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