Below is a list of Guides and Outfitters that we recommend.


Goose Buster Guide Service - Hoot Gibson -

61 Eldridge Road
Almyra, AR 72003  

(870)672-1235 or (731)336-2811


Missouri and Nebraska 

Black Goose Outfitters -  Larry Frimann
CELL PHONE: 402-660-1220

Facebook - @blackgooseoutfitters

Every year more and more ducks migrate and winter in southern Missouri. Large flocks of mallards and numerous puddle ducks flocks migrate through along with winter in our area. At Black Goose Outfitters we have access to flooded timber holes that are loaded full of ducks come November through January. As our flooded timber holes present a huge staging ground, we have the opportunity of providing some of the best decoy duck hunting that Missouri has to offer.

Our Missouri Spring snow goose hunts take place down in the boot heel of southeast Missouri throughout February. We have over 2500 fullbodies and floaters decoys along with a 30 foot pit blind.

and a mobile rig of 1500 Sillosocks. 

We have leased private locations in the ideal staging and flight path. Most hunts take place over flooded rice fields in pit blinds but can change based on the migration. Hunts may also be out of layout blinds depending on bird numbers.

Nebraska is spectacular for Honkers. Blackgoose Outfitters has some of the best Honker hunting in the world. Limits are the norm.

 Enjoy 1st class pit blinds and a world class snow goose rig.  We have one migrator rig with 1000 floaters, 1200 fullbodies, and 800 shells. This pit produces day in and day out during the spring flight north.


In your Face Guide Service - Shawn Bowen- 

There is nothing like seeing that white spiral of snows dropping down to get "In Your Face." I am outfitted to hunt all species of waterfowl. We hunt on private land over a three county area in West Central Missouri. I want to guide you on your next waterfowl experience here in Missouri.

The following directions will give you and idea of the area I operate. It is located north of Nevada along I-71. We are approx 90 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri. Some named areas to look for are Nevada, Butler, Horton, and Authur. If you see them, you are in the right area.

Cell: 573-586-9808-Email: 





Duck Creek Outfitters - Sykes Mitchell -

541-771-4976 E-mail -


High Prairie Outfitters - Dave Ciani -

605-321-1142 E-mail -   



MaddHatters Guides and Outfitting - Steve Clements

(709) 728-9662 

E-mail -  Website:


Prairie Rose Outfitters - Craig Rath -


E-mail -