*SALE* Tornado Rotary Machine by Sillosock Decoys

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Tornado Rotary Machines

 by Sillosocks Decoys

The 4 arm rotary now includes a 2 arm head.  The rotary package now comes with a complete 4 arm rotary with an option to use it as a 2 arm machine.  Comes with a remote control, stand, 2 and 4 arm head and 4 sets of arms, carry bag  15 ft power cord that runs on 12 volt battery.  The rotary machine is a great way to add realistic motion to your spread.  The wingspan is around 14 ft from tip to tip.  Combined with our flappers it makes a deadly combo.  Battery not included  Flappers not included.

This Rotary machine will attract waterfowl from miles away!  It is deadly on Ducks, Snow geese, Specks, Lesser Canadas, Crows, Pigeons, and Doves.

Use any 12 volt battery to power the machine.  A lawn tractor/ATV battery works well for one machine.  Use a deep cycle marine battery if you want to run 3-6 machines off of one battery.  

We appreciate your business. 

Thanks and enjoy!   Jim Jones Prairiewind Decoys/Sillosock Decoys

Picture of 4 Arm Rotary Machine - SS1593
4 Arm Rotary Machine - SS1593
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