Cowboy's JUMBO Wild Game Washer

**SALE** Normally $80, Now $69.95


Cowboy's JUMBO Wild Game Washer

This Jumbo Wild Game Washer is designed for bigger jobs.  It will wash 20-35 pounds of meat.  

Cowboy's Jumbo Game Washer cleans deer quarters, hog quarters, large catches of fish, crayfish, upland game birds or waterfowl in minutes. It works paticularly good on snow geese!

This patented system creates a constant flow of water that flushes hair, grass, and debris over the top while blood and mud flow out the bottom drain.

Cowboy's JUMBO Wild Game Washer revolutionizes the game cleaning process by flushing away dirt, blood, feathers, scales, and other debris! This sports-bucket saves time while providing a superior cleaning. Remove the top, attach to a water hose and watch as the patented riser begins to fill the bucket, creating a fast-moving vortex that washes all kinds game: dove, fish, quail, duck, pheasant, deer/hog quarters and more. Proudly made in the USA!