Decoy Cord Crimps by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG

Choose the 24 pack or the 150 pack.
Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear

GHG Decoy Cord Crimps

The best way to secure PVC cord to weights and decoys!


  • Soft anodized aluminum
  • Crimp with pliers to close
  • Use two crimps per decoy



Picture of 24 count Decoy Cord Crimps - AV80024
24 count Decoy Cord Crimps - AV80024
Availability: Out of stock
$4.95 (USD)
Picture of Decoy Cord Crimps/150ct - AV80150
Decoy Cord Crimps/150ct - AV80150
Availability: Out of stock
$11.95 (USD)
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