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Top Flight Honker Floater Canada Goose Decoys

                              4 pack


These Honker Floater Canada Goose Decoys by Avian-X Decoys Zink Calls were created by nationally recognized goose hunter, Fred Zink, and World Champion carver, Rick Johannsen, the new Avian-X Top flight Honker Floaters are the result of years of research, refinement, and constant innovation.

Together, these gentlemen have taken floater decoys to an entirely new level. The natural swimming posture of honkers on the water with high tail to show the very attractive white underside to attract passing birds from a great distance - all of which combine to create the most natural, most life-like and effective spread ever to hit the water.

Most modern decoys are judged based on durability, above all, and the Avian-X line truly shines in this regard. Molded from a unique blend of technologically-advanced plastics, these new decoys maintain a soft flexible nature, even under the coldest conditions. Factory connected head eliminates in-field disconnect problems so common with today's floater honker decoys. Featuring perfectly balanced weighted-keels for natural ride even in roughest conditions.

These Honker Floater Canada Goose Decoys by AVIAN-X Decoys includes 1 sentry caller, 1 swimmer and 2 sentries.

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