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Manufacturer: Avery GreenHead Gear


Snow Goose Sleeper Floater Goose Decoys

by GHG Avery Outdoors

These NEW Sleeper floaters are something those 10 year old adults have never seen!   These decoys will round out your Floater rig to help you kill more Adult birds.   Combined with the new GHG Sleeper Snow Goose Shells these decoys represent a very realistic relaxed look.

Next time your are out scouting, glass snows on water and look at how many of them are Sleeping. 

   Those sheet water and sipping  ponds in the spring can be very productive hot spots.   Even in feed fields, we will alway set up next to water as it will just about always get you some extra birds in the late morning.

This is a decoy we had specially made for us here at Prairiewind Decoys by GHG.  These decoys are well made and are practically indestructable. 

Very Limited  Supply!

Picture of SLEEPER Floaters 4pk - AV71093
SLEEPER Floaters 4pk - AV71093
**SALE** Normally $120/4pk, ON SALE now for $99.95/4pk! PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!
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